Wednesday, March 27, 2013

1/2 way there and 2 months to go!

Things are really moving now that we are entering the final stretch of our time here in AZ! I (Lindsay) finished working at Grand Canyon University a week ago so that I can focus fully on support raising/preparing for the move. We are very close to the half way mark, with $2200/month to go. We are completely out of our AZ home, and are currently staying with Steve's parents who have graciously made room for us.

We have been looking at homes in Alaska, which has been interesting to say the least. I don't think we saw one home that did not feature a bear skin on at least one wall! After looking at many homes we finally found one that we feel will be a good fit for our family. It is located in Kenai (about ten minutes from Alaska Christian College.) The most exciting part is that there is a guest room so that we can have friends and family stay with us whenever they can make it up. We would love to have anyone come visit- it's truly a place you have to see to fully appreciate. 

Steve and I have been so humbled and awed by the way that God is moving hearts for the students in AK. We have had many people join our support team and we are very grateful for each and every gift. We ask for your continued prayers for the support raising process. Steve will be speaking at several churches over the next two months trying to gain the rest of the funds we need in order to make the move to AK.

We are still praying about the best way to actually do the move. To rent a U-haul will be very expensive, so we are thinking that we will probably purchase a 17 ft enclosed trailer that we can haul with my truck. That way we could sell the trailer in AK and not lose all of the money on a rental. This would mean that the four of us (plus the dog) would be making the 3800 mile drive together. What an adventure! The only issue with this is that we will have to get rid of about 1/2 of our remaining things to fit them all in that trailer. There is a family that is moving out of AK around the time that we are moving up, so we may be able to purchase some of their furniture. We feel this is the best option and the most responsible use of our resources. We are definitely learning to "hold loosely to the things of this world." :)

I found a great used Expedition to trade my 2-wheel drive in for. It has about 110,000 miles and is completely Alaska-ready (although I have heard Steve and his friends talking about maybe making a special "moose-proof" bumper out of steel pipe. I told him maybe he can try that on his car first, I like my bumper as-is! ;) Noah is especially excited about the "way-far-back" seat in the car.

Steve and I will be traveling to AK the weekend of April 13th to do the home inspection and tour potential schools for the kids, as well as check in with the students at the college. We will post more pictures of the students/school after that trip. Please pray for safe travel.

The president of ACC, Keith Hamilton, will be visiting AZ the following weekend, April 20th. We will have an open house for anyone that would like to drop by and meet him, or hear more about the work going on in Alaska. Please feel free to stop by! I will post more info about time/location as that date gets a bit closer.